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Connection to Culture

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Cultural Support for Carers

From the Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care

I have the right to connect with my culture.

Our vision is to see all children and young people grow up safe in culture, with a strong sense of pride, identity and belonging.

We build relationships and partnerships with diverse cultural communities in South Australia to connect children, young people and foster families to local cultural leaders, community groups, activities and resources. We do this to give children and young people every opportunity to know about who they are and their history, to understand their culture, and to establish and maintain lifelong cultural connections.


Lutheran Care celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures as the oldest continuing cultures in the world.

We acknowledge and pay our respects to all First Nations Elders past, present and emerging.

We recognize Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of Australia and respect their deep spiritual connection to land, water and sea.

We acknowledge the trauma, grief and loss of the past and present.

Our Reconciliation Vision

Lutheran Care commits to a shared journey that supports reconciliation, healing and justice.

Lutheran Care is committed to reconciliation and improving outcomes and opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people.

Our vision is to build strong foundations and enduring partnerships in our relationships with First Nations people and in the design, delivery and experience of our services in South Australian and the Northern Territory.

Pictured: Foster Care team members Jessica & Alison at the Lutheran Care Reconciliation Week staff celebration.
Care for an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Child

Lutheran Care is committed to reconciliation and improving outcomes and opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people.

Lutheran Care provide training, assessment and ongoing support for foster carers that may be interested in caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child or young persons.

Lutheran Care support the ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Child Placement Principle’ for all children in out-of-home care, including foster care, and recognise the importance of building children’s identities through connection to culture.

Are you a First Nations person?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people have a unique perspective and experience when caring for ATSI children and young people.

Experience, connection to country, language and a sense of pride all play a vital role in who First Nations people are.

ATSI caregivers are able to convey a sense of ‘normal’ in a child’s life. We encourage you to contact us to enquire about fostering.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Placement Principle

The fundamental goal of the principle is to enhance and preserve Aboriginal children's connection to family and community, with a strong sense of identity and culture.

The principle recognises the importance of connections to family, community, culture and country in child and family welfare legislation, policy and practice, and asserts that self-determining communities are central to supporting and maintaining those connections.

The principle aims to:

  • ensure an understanding that culture underpins and is integral to safety and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and is embedded in policy and practice;
  • recognise and protect the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, family members and communities in child welfare matters;
  • increase the level of self-determination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in child welfare matters; and
  • reduce the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in child protection and out-of-home care systems. (From SNAICC’s “The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Placement Principle: A Guide to Support Implementation”)
Proudly Partnering with KWY

Lutheran Care is the proud partnering organisation to KWY, provider of a new Aboriginal kinship support program.

The pilot program is a critical step in ensuring that we engage with our kinship carers of Aboriginal children effectively in a culturally safe manner.

KWY Chief Executive Craig Rigney said: “KWY sees the new program as an opportunity to highlight how culture can truly be a protective factor knowing that children can feel a strong sense of identity when their culture and families are acknowledged and included in decision making.”

Significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dates

Cultural Recognition and Celebrations

Foster Care

Multicultural Support for Carers

Lutheran Care provides personalised support for Foster Carers caring for culturally and linguistically diverse children and young people.

Every Lutheran Care foster family is allocated a dedicated Foster Care Case Worker (Support Worker) who journeys with you and your family throughout your fostering journey. Our team of highly skilled and experienced staff walk alongside you and can help provide you with information, advocacy and support to help connect the children and young people in your care to their cultural communities. In addition to your dedicated Support Worker, Lutheran Care’s dedicated Multi-Cultural Worker is also available to support you and your family provide a culturally safe home for the children in your care.


Helpful links and resources for carers 

Culturally Sensitive Practice Guide

Information Sheet for carers of CALD children (Department for Child Protection) 

Multicultural Affairs Calendar of Local Events (Department of the Premier and Cabinet) 

Multicultural Communities Council of SA 

Resources for Children and Families (Settlement Services International)

Lutheran Care provide each approved carer household a unique login to the Foster Care Portal which contains more links, resources, books, videos and tips and suggestions on how to ensure that each and every child in care grows up realising their right to connect to culture and community.
Pictured: Lutheran Care Foster Care Multicultural Worker, Jannet
Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Communities

Meet Jannet

Lutheran Care uphold the rights of children and young people in care and are commited to ensuring that all children realise their right and have access to meaningful connection to their culture.

Lutheran Care’s Multicultural Worker, Jannet, provides unique and specialist support to carers caring for children from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds. Our Multicultural Worker is also helps train and support the Lutheran Care staff team, embedding culturally sensitive and safe practises for families and children, centred on understanding the experiences of CALD children in foster care, cross-cultural communication and acceptance.

Lutheran Care’s Multicultural worker supports Foster Casrers to:
• Consult on how to best meet a child’s cultural or religious support needs
• Make connections with community and religious leaders
• Access resources on cultural and religious practices
• Learn about upcoming religious and community events
• Learn about where to find culturally appropriate resources
• Access cultural and religious tools and resources from the Lutheran Care Foster Care Resource Library 
• Assist with case plan development for children to connect with culture and religion
• Liaise with the Department for Child Protection Multicultural Engagement Team, multicultural services and community groups to ensure we are informed of best practice

From the Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care

I have the right to connect with my culture.

Multicultural Celebrations

Cultural Recognition and Celebrations