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We Are
Lutheran Care
We Are In The Business Of
Building stronger communities
Why We Exist
To champion those in need
How We Do It
Equity and advocacy
The Benefit For Our Clients
Empowered to thrive
Lutheran Care

Our Values

Social Justice

We believe absolutely that everybody has the right to access the opportunities, support and services they need to lead a safe and fulfilling life. We are actively dedicated to ensuring that our staff, volunteers and clients feel heard, respected and well represented. We champion equity and advocacy, and provide a voice for the voiceless.


We show compassion and empathy to our clients and each other. We don’t judge people on their past decisions and always work to understand their situation – helping empower them to lead their best life. We are loving, supportive and respectful, always generous with our time, knowledge and efforts.

Lutheran Care is renowned for our highly skilled staff team and the exceptional carer support we provide all our families in both Generalist and Specialist Foster Care. If you are thinking about fostering and would like to learn more, or have been thinking about fostering for a while and ready to take the next step, we would be delighted to hear from you.


We are a warm, open organisation that welcomes and embraces people of all cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities, belief systems and circumstances. We value these differences and believe we are united by a shared desire to lead positive lives and be a part of a strong, connected, supportive community where no one is left behind.


We are loud and proud when it comes to driving innovation for our sector. Ready to challenge the conventional wisdom, unafraid to disrupt and eager to change things up. We constantly strive for quality and excellence in delivering new and better ways to serve the changing needs of our clients and their families.

Lutheran Care

Our Story

From the day we are born, we yearn to belong. Belong to family. Belong to friends. Belong to the community. With the support of those around us, we have the strength to discover who we are, where we fit in, and how we can realise our full potential.

At Lutheran Care we believe our communities are stronger when each and every person feels included and cared for.

Founded in 1969 in South Australia by a group of pioneering Lutheran women, we have always been champions of advocacy and equity, serving the needs and fighting for the rights of those who have fallen through the cracks of the system. Ours is a powerful and persistent voice for the voiceless.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, we will walk side by side with you, regardless of cultural background, sexual orientation, gender identity, belief systems or circumstances.

Beyond working to have a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives, we are determined to build hope, understanding and drive long term systematic change.

Unbound by convention, we are leaders in our sector and community, always exploring new, innovative ways of helping people find comfort and purpose.

We seek no reward or recognition beyond doing what’s right for our people. This is what inspires and drives us. It is the source of our unity and our strength.

Caring and warm, we are guided by faith and compassion, always listening, advocating and building stronger communities where people can belong and thrive.