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70 per cent of Emergency Relief clients are struggling to feed their families.

Lutheran Care

Lenten Appeal

For our Lenten Appeal this year, we are encouraging people to consider how they can show love for their neighbours, spread a ripple of kindness and create a stronger community.

The Holy Season of Lent runs for 40 days in the leadup to Easter, beginning this year on Wednesday, 14 February, also known as Ash Wednesday. Of course this day  is also known by many as Valentine’s Day – a day to celebrate love. 

One way to show love for your neighbours this Lent is by making a donation to Lutheran Care. As one of very few homegrown South Australian charities, supporting Lutheran Care means you are supporting people facing crisis and disadvantage in your local neighbourhoods. People like Abbie*, who, six months pregnant, came to us for help earlier this year when she had nowhere else to turn. As a survivor of abuse and struggling with addiction, she realised she needed assistance to help her give her unborn child the best start she could – a better start than she had when she herself came into the world. Abbie walked an hour in stifling heat to meet with our team. Find out more about Abbie’s story, below.


On behalf of the people we support, we appreciate your support, which helps  us continue to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable in our community. Please, give what you can. 

Lutheran Care

How You Can Help

Did you know, if you give up two large take away coffees a week, at the end of 40 days you will have saved around $60?

$60 can feed a family of 5 for a week through our Emergency Relief pantry. 

Or, it can pay for a client’s one-hour appointment with a Counsellor to pass on important, life changing skills and confidence.

All donations $2 and above are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support.

Lenten Appeal

40 Days: Love Thy Neighbour


If making a financial donation to Lutheran Care’s Lenten Appeal is just not possible right now, there is still much within your power to show love for your neighbour with an act of kindness. 
Hover your cursor over each image tile (or tap on phones and tablets) for some ideas and inspiration!


Crisis Relief and Early Intervention Programs

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"In the past year Emergency Relief has provided support at 2755 crisis relief appointments across South Australia and the Northern Territory"

Your donation will help us support vulnerable families and individuals in South Australia and the Northern Territory. 

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