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Mobile Crèche

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Mobile Crèche

Our Mobile Crèche Service provides volunteer workers to care for children in the community where it is needed most.

Parents who would otherwise not be able to participate in community programs offered in their areas can participate while trained crèche workers care for their children on a voluntary basis.

The service is free to parents.


Mobile Crèche

Who can use the Mobile Crèche Service?

The crèche service provides support to parents who:

This service is available to community centres and groups offering low-cost courses, support groups and activities for parents.

Mobile Crèche

Want to engage our mobile crèche?

Coordinators of community centres, or those intending to hold courses or support groups to help parents, can contact the coordinator of the Mobile Crèche Service with a request for volunteer crèche workers.

Volunteer crèche workers are recruited, trained, insured, reimbursed and managed by the coordinator of the service at Lutheran Care. They are matched to crèches in community centres in their areas.

"By working in partnership with Lutheran Care's Mobile Creche, we have seen parent participation in our courses and events rise signficantly."
Community centre organiser
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