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The Reality of Homelessness

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What is the homelessness situation right now? 

We are currently experiencing an emergency state of homelessness. 

According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures (2016) there are 6,224 South Australians experiencing homelessness. Nationally, the Census identified 116,427 people experiencing homelessness, which is one in every 200 Australians.  

Relationship breakdowns, family estrangement, trauma, addiction, or needing to travel to a different region for family, legal or health reasons and lacking transport or funds to return home, are some of the many factors that can lead to someone experiencing homelessness.

The reasons can be multi-layered and complex. However the simple lack of appropriate, affordable homes for people who need one is currently one of the key reasons people are being forced into the homelessness system. 

There are 6,224 South Australians experiencing homelessness. Nationally, the figure is 116,427. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016).
There are 217 people experiencing homelessness in Adelaide CBD. A total of 153 people are sleeping rough in the inner city. (Adelaide Zero Project, November 2022).
Housing insecurity has caused a hidden homelessness problem, with more people and families couch surfing, living in caravan parks, tents or cars.
Right now, 85 per cent of enquiries for our homelessness services are from clients seeking services for the first time.
Demand for our Emergency Relief service has risen by 260 per cent in two years.
Real Life Experiences

Stories of Homelessness

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Meet Jay, a single mother of triplets and former registered nurse who has been waiting for someone to give them a chance.


Meet Stan, who loves Aldi, muscle cars and living in his first home after experiencing homelessness on and off for 37 years.


Meet Rebecca, who hopes to become a social worker one day. She was forced to leave home due to experiencing domestic violence.


Meet Scott, the dog lover and army veteran who has been searching for where he belongs.


Meet Emily, a doting mum who was forced to sleep in her car with her two kids outside a local school.
Lutheran Care

What can be done?

Lutheran Care is committed to working with our partners in the Toward Home Alliance and our other sector partners to prevent and end homelessness. 

We believe homelessness is solvable, but it will take a whole of community approach. 

We need big business, small business, all sectors of government, non profits, landlords, the housing industry and everyday people to work together.   

Terra Firma our repurposed Adelaide CBD backpackers’ hostel that provides people experiencing and at risk of homelessness a short term (12 week) accommodation option with accompanying support, is one example of the not-for-profit sector and corporate sector (Harcourts Packham) working together. 

Our government funding is limited, so we rely on our supporters to help us continue to offer crisis relief services, which provide immediate material assistance to people experiencing homelessness and hardship, together with early intervention and wraparound services which help people access tools and strategies to be able to change and improve their and their families’ lives for the long term. 

In the meantime, we will continue to look at new ideas and partnerships to help prevent and end homelessness, and advocate for more focus on early intervention, and more affordable housing. 

Crisis Relief and Early Intervention Programs

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"Demand for our Emergency Relief service has risen by 260 per cent in two years."

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