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Toward Home Homelessness Alliance


People experiencing or at risk of homelessness in the Adelaide CBD, southern metro or Adelaide Hills regions can connect with Toward Home services by phoning 1800 809 273, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

Outside of these hours or areas,
phone Homeless Connect SA on 1800 003 308.

You can also find us at WestCare Centre (11-19 Millers Court, Adelaide),
Hutt St Centre (258 Hutt Street, Adelaide) or a
Toward Home Alliance partner site (please see below)

Toward Home homelessness services officially launched in the Adelaide City and Southern regions on 1 July 2021.

Experienced providers including Baptist Care SA, Lutheran Care, Mission Australia, Sonder and The Salvation Army are working together to provide shelter and support for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Guided by our mission to end homelessness, a range of services are available to help prevent, divert and resolve homelessness, with the aim of shifting care from crisis management to early intervention.

While we aim to prevent and reduce homelessness in the long-term, crisis accommodation remains integral and will include options for South Australians experiencing homelessness close to their local support network.

Specialist responses for housing and homelessness support are offered by Toward Home providers:

–         Prevent | For people at risk of homelessness

–         Divert: For people who have recently started experiencing homelessness | For people who have recently begun experiencing homelessness

–         Resolve | For people with a chronic experience of homelessness

–         Toward Home Wardli-ana | For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

People or families experiencing or at risk of homelessness, can connect with Toward Home services by calling 1800 809 273, or visiting WestCare Centre (11-19 Millers Court, Adelaide) or Hutt St Centre (258 Hutt Street, Adelaide).

About the Toward Home Alliance

In 2020, The South Australian Government announced a significant reform agenda for the homelessness sector. In response the Toward Home Alliance was formed by some of the most experienced agencies working within the sector. The Toward Home Alliance brings together experienced community services providers including Baptist Care SA, Lutheran Care, Mission Australia, Sonder, and The Salvation Army.

Toward Home Alliance in collaboration with the South Australian Housing Authority (SAHA) has identified a need for transformational change in the way services support people affected by homelessness. The Toward Home Alliance strategy focuses on shifting homelessness services from crisis management to early intervention and prevention. Please watch the video above for more information on the strategy and career opportunities. We look forward to working together to tackle homelessness in the Adelaide City and Southern region and effecting meaningful change.

Combining national reform experience with expert local partners

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