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Community Connections participant shares life-changing story

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Community Connections participant shares life-changing story

Image of a handwritten letter received from a person supported by Lutheran Care's Community Connections program.
The heart-warming, hand written letter Lutheran Care received from a participant we supported recently.

Lutheran Care’s Community Connections team received a heart-warming letter from a participant we supported recently, demonstrating how much of a difference the program is making in people’s lives.

The letter is neatly hand-written on lined paper and reads:

In life, we are constantly challenged and we may find ourselves in situations that we may not be able to accept, as actually affecting our lives.

I often thought my social isolation was just a normal part of my life, and in essence I didn’t mind my own company. When my circumstances changed, I realised that my social isolation was more than just me being comfortable with my own company. It was actually creating barriers to returning to a normal social interaction with people. I was consumed by anxiety and depression and my own social phobias made me withdraw even more.

A chance meeting led me to the Lutheran Care Community Connections programme. I met a lovely, kind, caring and knowledgeable Participation Worker. Through her patience, understanding and encouragement I took that first very important step to return to a social connection. It wasn’t easy, but I made a decision to change my circumstances, because without change nothing was going to happen.

I took a deep breath, left my anxieties at the door and went in and attended a Coffee Talk morning. It was such a relief to be so warmly welcomed. It was fun and lighthearted and such a joy to talk to people and to be amongst people.

All it took was one step, one very important step to reconnect socially, one step that made a difference, one step because I was supported by a caring Participation Worker.

I am truly thankful to the Lutheran Care Community Connections programme. It is such a vital and necessary programme as it helps people to fulfil their needs to socially connect when unable to do so on their own.

We all need to feel a sense of self worth and belonging in our community no matter our circumstances.

Thank you so much to our participant for sharing your experience. We are so glad you are enjoying being more active in your community and that we could help you find your feet.

If you are based in the Barossa/Light/Lower North area or Adelaide Hills, and would like to find out about Community Connections, visit our Community Connections page or email communityconnections@lutherancare.org.au