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Foster dads go bowling and strike a bond

Foster Carers at a the bowling event. The Lutheran Care logo appears in the bottom right hand corner.

Foster dads go bowling and strike a bond

A group of Lutheran Care’s foster dads donned their bowling shoes for an inaugural peer connection event in Woodville last month.

A first of its kind for Lutheran Care, the event celebrated the dads for their commitment to fostering, highlighting the importance Lutheran Care places on recognising that meaningful peer support goes a long way in the foster care journey.

Handshakes, fist pumps and laughter accompanied impressive strikes and humorous gutter balls, while the group also enjoyed shared cocktail food and drinks together.

Amid the music, lights and bowling banter, the relaxed couch setting allowed the dads to get to know one another, exchange stories and offer each other understanding and encouragement.

For many, it was a rare chance to take a break from their daily responsibilities and enjoy a recreational activity tailored just for them.

Implementation of the bowling event further strengthens Lutheran Care’s commitment to creating supportive networks for foster carers, who often face the complexities of fostering children while navigating all the normal life pressures of employment, family life and self-care.

“Our goal was to create a welcoming environment where foster dads felt safe, could connect, share experiences and build a community of mutual support,” Lutheran Care’s Executive Manager Community Services Susan Richards said.

“This event was a perfect blend of fun and meaningful interaction, brought together by listening and being responsive to the supportive needs of our growing Foster Care community.”

Lutheran Care’s commitment to creativity, innovation and meaningful Foster Care peer support, is evidenced in their investment of a peer support blueprint co-designed with Foster Carers, with the support of The Australian Centre for Social Innovation last year.

For those who attended the dad’s group event, bowling was more than just an enjoyable afternoon—it was a reminder that they are not alone in their journey.

The event aimed to ensure that foster families have the tools and community support needed to thrive. As the backbone to connections and community, Lutheran Care offer high-quality personalised foster family support and a suite of advanced therapeutic training including Youth Mental Health First Aid, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Three Pillars of Transforming Care and IMPACT Foundations. Lutheran Care Foster Carers can also access the organisation’s Employee Assistance Program.

This event is one of many dedicated peer connection events across the Lutheran Care community and plans are already forming for the dad’s event 2.0.

It takes a village to raise a child and Lutheran Care believes that a child can never have too many people love them.

Lutheran Care invites you to get in touch or register to attend an upcoming information session if you’re interested in learning more about Foster Care. The journey to fostering looks different for everyone and there is equal variety in the experience of fostering itself.

You never know where the path could take you, but Lutheran Care’s dedicated Foster Care team is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Find out more about fostering here.

Be the Village.