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100 Dachshunds dazzle at Sausage Stroll: Dachshund Day Out for Charity

A large group of humans dressed in formal suits or all black, walking happy sausage dogs on leads on white sand, toward the camera. The Lutheran Care logo appears in the bottom right hand corner.

100 Dachshunds dazzle at Sausage Stroll: Dachshund Day Out for Charity

You may have heard of a Sausage Sizzle for charity. Well, what about a Sausage Stroll?

Around 100 sausage dogs and around 150 humans were hot to trot in warm conditions at Henley Beach on Sunday, 4 February, for the first ever Sausage Stroll: Dachshund Day Out for Charity, in aid of Lutheran Care’s work.

The event was the brainchild of local artist and regular Lutheran Care collaborator, Andrew Baines.

With human participants asked to dress up in formal suits or all black, it was fortunate the weather was kind early, sitting in the high 20s in the morning when the event was held, before the mercury eventually rose to 37.6 later in the day, so our sausage stars were saved from sizzling!

Donations can still be made to the Andrew Baines/Sausage Stroll Appeal, here.

To view and order a special edition ‘Everybody loves a Snag’ t-shirt featuring Andrew Baines’s original sausage dog artwork, please click here.

Andrew Baines is recognised internationally for his surreal paintings of sausage dogs, cows and bolar-hatted figures, as well as his live installations which have featured notable Australians such as former Prime Ministers. His work features on the walls of Joe’s café at Henley Beach, which was the meeting point for the morning stroll. Andrew previously partnered with Lutheran Care to

Participants gave a donation to Lutheran Care, as Andrew’s charity of choice, to support crisis relief programs for South Australians doing it tough. Representatives from the SA Dachshund Club had a stand of merchandise on the day and have kindly offered part proceeds to Lutheran Care, and Joe’s Cafe have also promised part proceeds of coffees sold.

At time of writing on Monday, around $1000 had been raised, which will go to Lutheran Care’s Emergency Relief program. Through Emergency Relief, Lutheran Care provides food, bedding, clothing, vouchers and ongoing supports such as counselling and financial counselling, to South Australians experiencing hardship.

Lutheran Care’s Head of Philanthropy, Sandy Davis said, “A big thank you to everyone who came along for our first Sausage Stroll; it was a great morning and opportunity to get Dachshund lovers together with their dogs, and raise awareness and much needed funds for Lutheran Care’s Emergency Relief program.”

“Dachshunds have a name for themselves as little divas, but the dogs were on their best behaviour and their owners looked wonderful,” Sandy said.

“We so appreciative of the support and generosity of Andrew Baines and our team loves helping his creative visions come to life; thanks very much to Andrew for partnering with us again.

“Andrew will be working on an original painting inspired by the event and has generously offered to auction it for sale with proceeds donated to Lutheran Care’s Emergency Relief program. We can’t wait to see what Andrew creates and we are looking forward to a follow up event and showcasing this piece of work, later in the year.”

Andrew Baines said, “It was fantastic to see so many people come out with their sausage dogs on the beach this morning. It really was a spectacle. I can’t wait to get back to my studio, in front of my easel and put paint to canvas.”

“I really enjoy working with Lutheran Care and supporting them, in any way I can, to help their programs which help so many people who need it right now.”

To view photos from the event, please check out Lutheran Care’s Facebook page, here.