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Foster families enjoy Fringe magic

Lutheran Care Foster Carers Antoinette and Andrew with three of their biological children Jacob, Imogen and Holly.

Foster families enjoy Fringe magic

To celebrate our wonderful community of Foster Carers, Lutheran Care was pleased to offer Adelaide Fringe tickets to our amazing families providing nurturing and safe homes for children in care recently.

Lutheran Care has made this possible by joining Adelaide Fringe as its 2023 Community Fund Partner. Through this partnership, Lutheran Care is helping to make Fringe events more accessible to people who because of hardship or circumstances, may not usually be able to attend the festival.

Lutheran Care Foster Carer Antoinette enjoyed a night out at the Fringe recently, after receiving some tickets for her family. She said they all enjoyed their time at the show.

“We saw ‘ABBA The Museum The Choir’ … and we even got a photo with the whole cast,” Antoinette said. “Thanks Lutheran Care!”

ABBA The Museum The Choir is a continuation of ABBA’s legacy, dedicated to celebrating the music of the iconic band with love and respect. The show also includes a display of rare ABBA The Museum pieces, many of which are being shown in Australia for the first time.

Antoinette and her partner Andrew have four biological children and a younger foster child in their long-term care. The family has been fostering since 2020. One month after they became registered as Lutheran Care Foster Carers, their first placement came in and that foster child has remained with them to this day.

Another foster family that attended ABBA The Museum The Choir has been fostering with Lutheran Care since 2013. The family is currently caring for two long-term placements; teenage girls who are being brought up as sisters. This is often the case with long-term placements in stable and nurturing foster families.

While they wished to keep their identity anonymous, one carer in the family said they were delighted to receive Fringe tickets, as their foster children really wanted to attend a show.

“It was an excellent idea to share this event together with the girls,” the carer said.

“We enjoyed the show so much, considering that it was a show for all ages. Thank you so much!”

Lutheran Care’s principal support to the Adelaide Fringe’s Community Fund is allowing the festival to give away tickets in record numbers, mostly to vulnerable and at-risk families and individuals. The tickets are being distributed via community groups, schools and other charitable organisations.

You can find out more about our partnership here.


Pictured: Lutheran Care Foster Carers Antoinette and Andrew with three of their biological children Jacob, Imogen and Holly.