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Good Prospects transitions to new brand following Lutheran Care acquisition

Good Prospects transitions to new brand following Lutheran Care acquisition

Lutheran Care is excited to announce that we have commenced the brand transition for Good Prospects, following our acquisition of the speech pathology and psychology practice in January.   

The new branding is currently being rolled out across Good Prospects digital and print communications, and includes the incorporation of a new logo and Lutheran Care’s brand colours.  

Lutheran Care’s Chief Executive Officer Rohan Feegrade said the move for Good Prospects communicates the strategic intent of strengthening relationships and bringing two great service organisations together, as well as leveraging positive experiences and trusted loyalty from both brands.  

“As our corporate team works through business processes and branding strategies following our merger, we want to share the collaborative work currently in progress with our Marketing and Communications team,” Mr Feegrade said.  

“This work reflects the current state of our businesses, as well as aspirations for where we see the business progressing in the future.  

“It is imperative in keeping this transition moving forward, that we identify synergies between Good Prospects, Lutheran Care and our Elcies brand, and the ways each brand creates value and awareness for customers and stakeholders.” 

The brand rollout will continue over the coming weeks with the aim to better support the work of the Good Prospects team, as well as drive service growth and generate awareness about joining the Lutheran Care family.  

The astute may have already noticed the change on the Good Prospects website from blue to Lutheran Care’s Sunlight yellow. A colour chosen for its perspective of a bright new day and the vibrancy of the shared path ahead for both service providers. 

Mr Feegrade said it was exciting to be on this journey together, working towards a shared goal of driving positive change in the lives of the people and communities we support.  

“We look forward to bringing Good Prospects on this journey and this transition piece is only the starting point of positioning and brand architecture strategies, which will focus on sharing the great work the team does, growing service provision and ensuring long-term stability,” Mr Feegrade said.  

Following a year-long consultation and due diligence process, Good Prospects officially came under the umbrella of Lutheran Care on 25 January 2024.    

The acquisition brings place-based allied health services to Lutheran Care’s 50 plus programs and service portfolio. Nineteen staff members have joined the Lutheran Care team, with a focus to increase the number of therapists to meet growing waitlist demands currently experienced by the sector. 

Good Prospects has built a strong reputation across a decade of allied health service provision in South Australia, based in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, Port Adelaide, Berri and surrounds. You can find out more about Good Prospects and its services here.