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Lutheran Care responds to Australian Federal Budget

Lutheran Care responds to Australian Federal Budget

Lutheran Care welcomes the Australian Federal Budget for 2024-2025, recognising its potential impact on the communities we serve and the vital services we provide. As a leading human services agency dedicated to supporting vulnerable individuals and families, we are particularly focused on how budget allocations will influence social services, housing, family support services, and community welfare initiatives.

Supporting the Most Vulnerable

We commend the government’s increased funding for social services, which aligns with our mission to provide compassionate care and support. The additional resources allocated to emergency relief and financial counselling will enhance our capacity to assist those experiencing financial hardship. Lutheran Care’s financial counsellors and emergency relief programs are crucial for families and individuals struggling with rising living costs and economic uncertainties.

Affordable Housing Initiatives

The budget’s commitment to expanding affordable housing is a welcome development, though Lutheran Care acknowledges that a lot more investment is needed. Lutheran Care has long advocated for increased investment in housing solutions, understanding that stable housing is foundational to personal and community wellbeing. We are eager to collaborate with government bodies and other stakeholders to ensure these funds effectively address homelessness and housing insecurity in our communities.

Mental Health Services

The increased funding for mental health services is another positive step, recognising the growing need for comprehensive mental health support. Lutheran Care’s Allied Health services, including its counselling and support groups, are essential resources for individuals facing mental health challenges. The budget’s focus on mental health will enable us to extend our reach and improve our services, providing timely and effective support to more people in need.

Addressing Domestic Violence

Lutheran Care is particularly encouraged by the budget’s increased funding for domestic violence prevention and support services. Our organisation provides critical services to women experiencing domestic violence and homelessness, offering safe spaces, counselling, and support to rebuild their lives. This funding will significantly enhance our ability to protect and empower women, ensuring they receive the help they need to overcome violence and achieve stability.

Early Intervention Focus

Lutheran Care’s commitment to early intervention, especially within our homelessness services, is key to preventing long-term disadvantage. The budget’s provisions for early intervention initiatives are crucial for addressing issues before they escalate, ultimately reducing the strain on social services. We look forward to utilising these funds to expand our preventive programs and support more individuals at risk.

Community Welfare and Support

We are pleased to see the budget’s provisions for community welfare, particularly those aimed at supporting children and families. Lutheran Care’s wide range of community services, including family support programs and youth services, will benefit from these investments. Strengthening these programs helps us create resilient communities where everyone can thrive.

Call for Continued Collaboration

While the budget’s provisions are promising, Lutheran Care emphasises the importance of continued collaboration between government, human services organisations, and community groups. Effective implementation of these initiatives requires ongoing dialogue and partnership. We stand ready to work alongside government agencies to ensure that the benefits of the budget are realised at the grassroots level.