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National Families Week: Foster carers Kylie and Jason share their experience

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National Families Week: Foster carers Kylie and Jason share their experience

As we continue to celebrate National Families Week, we spoke with Lutheran Care foster carers Kylie and Jason about their experiences. Along with their daughters Courtney and Caitlin, the family has been fostering for seven years and love watching children grow and thrive.

National Families Week runs from 15-21 May and this year’s theme is ‘Living Real, Dreaming Big’. The aim of National Families Week is to not only celebrate the vital role that families play in Australian society, but to also reflect on the critical role that families play in teaching, supporting and nurturing children as they grow.

What types of foster care do you provide?

Emergency, short term, respite and long term.

What do you love about fostering?

Knowing that we are making a difference in children’s lives. Having kids come into our family that eventually feel comfortable enough to call us mum, dad and sisters. They feel like part of our family – which is really what we aim for!

We love to watch the children grow and thrive. Watching them ‘come out of their shells’ as they settle and providing them with new experiences which to us seem ‘normal’.

What does the National Families Week ‘Living Real, Dreaming Big’ theme mean to you?

We live with love, warmth and enough things – some other families don’t have this. Although life often seems ‘drab’, we really are ‘living the dream’. It’s about living everyday life, but knowing that if you are surrounded by love and support, you can achieve anything.

How do you spend time as a family?

Playing board games, going to the zoo (the kids love this so much we became members) and watching movies.

Best family memory?

Taking our little people (foster children) on a big family road trip covering Dubbo, Melbourne and Sydney all in the same trip. One couldn’t walk yet. It was one of the best holidays we have had, despite its challenges.

Big dreams of the children in your care?

To visit the Eiffel tower and to dive to the bottom of the ocean and rescue the Titanic.

To be a mummy and visit the Eiffel tower with my brother.

Their favourite thing?
Playing games with mummy and daddy and going to the zoo.

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