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Elcies Disability Care launches new Functional Capacity Assessment service

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Elcies Disability Care launches new Functional Capacity Assessment service

Elcies Disability Care is excited to offer a new service that will support people facing challenges with completing daily tasks around the home and in the community.  

Funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the new Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA) service is designed to evaluate a person’s ability in areas such as self-care, mobility, communication and other everyday activities.  

FCAs are typically for people facing challenges relating to intellectual disability; autism; neurological, musculoskeletal, congenital or degenerative conditions; the ageing process or a traumatic brain injury.  

Tasks that an FCA may evaluate can include showering or other personal hygiene activities, using stairs, cooking, eating or drinking, moving around the home and in the community, getting in and out of bed or engaging in social interaction.  

FCAs can also focus on learning, self-management, assistive devices or technologies, work or education activities and caregiver capacity and wellbeing. 

Conducting an FCA can generally take from four to six hours, depending on the need, and are typically conducted with the individual the assessment is for. Sessions may also include important people in the client’s life and can take place across multiple locations and environments if needed.  

As per the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits guide, FCAs utilise the funding lines Capacity Building and Capital Support. Fees are charged by the hour and the complexity of an individual’s personal challenges, current living environment, daily activities, commitments and age can impact the cost.  

Elcies Disability Care currently has no waitlist for the new FCA service. To register your interest, get in contact with Elcies Disability Care by emailing EDC@lutherancare.org.au or calling 1800 ELCIES (1800 352 437). 

Elcies Disability Care is a registered NDIS Provider offering services to South Australians of all ages with disabilities. We provide supports and services to our clients built on trust, respect and equality, embracing diversity and valuing the experiences of everyone within our shared community.  

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Elcies Disability Care is the disability services branch of Lutheran Community Care, a registered NDIS Behaviour Support Provider.